The celebration of creativity

Colombo is a brand that knows how to be both sophisticated and thrilling at the same time, offering a range of fashion fabrics that is never banal. By interpreting classic patterns in an up-to-date key and research into “special effects” using both designs and materials, Colombo has been able to support the creative departments of many international fashion houses, creating solid alliances over time.

Careful, innovative finishes enhance a wide range of plain and jacquard articles in silk, cotton, linen, viscose and other natural fibres. Revisited structures, sophisticated textures, shiny, iridescent effects, placed and all-over patterns are just some of the main ingredients in the latest collections, dedicated and customised for all our clients.


Colombo is co-design

“Silky” woven fabric processing has developed from generation to generation, and today our clients and partners have a practically infinite range to choose from. The Colombo brand stands out for its creativity, which it shares with its clients to establish one of the most successful examples of customised co-design.

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