Technology and motion

The new Its-Artea sets out to confirm its renewal, following a path initiated in the past few years involving courageous research into products destined mainly for outwear alongside its traditional ranges.
In perfect harmony with the current trends in sport, activewear and leisure wear, the Its-Artea research focuses on design and consulting for coupled, polished, resin-coated fabrics coordinated with both classic bases and jersey or jacquard fabrics.

Every collection is a challenge

New fibres and yarns, composite and layered materials, new reflective fabrics offering excellent visibility in night-time outdoor activities: these are just some of the challenges taken on board by the creative team in agreement with the research & development department.
From collection to collection, Its-Artea fabrics continue to confirm the high technological and style contributions made to extremely versatile applications for men's and women's fashion in all seasons.

From technical fabrics created for the autumn and winter to impalpable lightness for the spring, Its-Artea is a source of great inspiration for technical sports and leisure clothing stylists.

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