Pride and Jersey

MarioBoselliJersey is the synthesis of the skill and tradition of an all-Italian industrial history. One of the most prestigious textile histories, its roots dating back to 1894, reaching today driven also by the innovative dynamics of the Colombo Group, which bought out the company in 2012. For over a century, the MarioBoselliJersey brand has been a byword for outstanding jersey. Today this history continues to be renewed.

2017 marks the launch of the new MarioBoselliJersey.

Machinery and People

Still today, MarioBoselliJersey is a major manufacturer of high-quality circular knit fabrics. The new business, with an impressive brand restyling, an invigorated creative department and a unique business model, marks the company’s new orientation towards high-quality jersey collections created “ad clientem”, around the client. This challenge is based on an assumption: the belief that technology is at the service of human creativity, not the opposite.

Limitless trends

Major international brands count on the technical and creative excellence of MarioBoselliJersey products.
Knitted and, today, also woven fabrics, and subsequent treatments - bonding, lamination, etc. -, all-over jacquard, multi-colour patterns, velvet finishes, transparencies, variations in consistency, double needle bed fabric, are just some of the high quality processes designed and created all in-house.

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