YOUGETHER, our philosophy

The strength of the new era of the Colombo Group lies in the connection of ideas, skills and histories, all placing our focus on people.
You, the client. We, the business. Together. For a more empathic and personal relationship, responding to your needs for differentiation, quality and flexibility in every step of the process.
From the blending of our creative skills comes the Group’s new strategic philosophy: YOUGETHER.


  • RELATIONS: launching more active, prompt and personal communication with all our clients
  • CREATIVITY: believing in creative skill as the key to the development of high quality products
  • COOPERATION: focusing on the involvement and active participation of our clients and all the people in the Colombo Group
  • EMPATHY: feeling the same emotions as the people we are working with, putting ourselves in their shoes to build more satisfactory relations.

YOUGETHER is a new work model focusing on people, both inside and outside the company. It is a mental and business organisation which makes our clients feel more involved and satisfied.

Are you ready to try the new era of the Colombo Group YOUGETHER?


The Group’s objectives

The Group’s objective is to grow through a strategy of characterisation and enhancement of its individual brands through:

1. Product research and development, flexibility and customisation
A staff of young talents, supported by the company’s technical and production traditions, to guarantee cutting-edge collections every time.

2. Quality and service
Direct control over the production phases guarantees the quality of the end product and the service.

3. Colombo 2020
The Colombo Group is preparing for the next phase of its growth also with a sustainability project.

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