SINCE 1962

His nickname was Gezz, which in jargon means “gecko”. That's how friends and colleagues called Piero Colombo, due to his rapid, intuitive character and the fact that he was perfectly at ease when exploring new frontiers. Piero “Gezz” Colombo knew how to wait, watch and then move in fast, to go further beyond.

When in 1962, Piero and his wife Anita set up a small textiles business in San Fermo della Battaglia, only one thing was certain: that through their passion, skill and courage, their project was to keep the values of Italian manufacturing traditions alive, transforming them into a modern production philosophy based on respect, ethics and product quality. And that's how Colombo Industrie Tessili was born.

From textiles business to the Colombo Group

In 1976, the first little great revolution: buying out the company Feloy in Bulgarograsso, Colombo Industrie Tessili doubled its production capacity, and from that moment on decided to work directly with the fashion production market, initially in Italy and then around the world.

In the 1980s the Colombo fabrics business consolidated its reputation and equipped its production sites with textiles treatment and finishing lines. Today the production site in Fino Mornasco gathers under one roof the weaving, fabric and yarn dyeing and finishing facilities, and is able to provide a full supply chain service, from fabric design to production to marketing.



Colombo Industrie Tessili is a consolidated business, but continues to look to the future. Since 1988 they have been doing so with Stefano and Massimo Colombo, the founders’ children, who respectively oversee the company’s new sales and organisation and its creative vision.

In 2008 the second great revolution took place: the company became the Colombo Group. The Group’s growth is based on the acquisition of renowned historical brands that guarantee better product diversification and greater market penetration.

With the acquisition of Its-Artea, a prestigious brand in the market for technical fabrics for outwear, the Group’s research department has begun to experiment highly innovative fibres and fabrics for the outerwear sector.

In 2012 the jersey division MarioBoselliJersey joined the Colombo Group, defining a new era and above all setting the next challenge: to experiment new forms of interaction between the technical departments of Colombo, Its-Artea and MarioBoselliJersey to carry on a tradition made of passion and continuous innovation.

The Group is still fully controlled by its founding family, today represented by Stefano Colombo and Massimo Colombo.

Clients across the globe

Over the years many major international brands have chosen the Colombo Group in order to cooperate closely with stylists, designers and large industrial groups.

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